About Us

The Tech Crew is an independent organization that works under the school administration to help maintain, organize, and operate the many technical theater aspects of the school. Our primary purpose is to operate the sound and lighting equipment in the auditorium, as few others know how to do so, but we also work to maintain the auditorium and any other location that has sound and lighting equipment. Furthermore, we are always trying to improve our school's technical theater equipment, making equipment easier to use for teachers and students yet still versatile enough for use by the Tech Crew in big productions such as SING. 

Unlike other clubs, the Tech Crew does not operate under the Student Organization or any similar parent body. Because of this, the Tech Crew is a primarily student-run club, with little, if any, teacher involvement. Our advisor is Mr. Erlenwein, so the organization is run primarily under his supervision. As a result of this independence, the Tech Crew is a very close-knit family, and those students involved tend to contribute more dedication and effort than your standard club. While the extra effort does require a few more hours of your free time than usual, the results are amazing: you make numerous new friends and learn many leadership and community service skills.