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Robert Walsh

My love for Tech Crew came the instant I joined. Unfortunately Staten Island Tech was my first opportunity to experience the job of a Tech Crew, but that has only made me more dedicated. When SING came around my freshman year, I joined stage crew, thinking they were affiliated with the Tech Crew. When i learned they weren't I inquired about them and learned one of the co-directors to be Sean Gisonda. After a few conversations via email, Sean told me to come to a meeting.

Upon my first day at Tech Crew, I did not know much about any of the equipment, or even much about how they operated during shows. That didn't stop me from learning. The previous directors (Sean Gisonda and Matt Cooke) were in their senior year, so they had to pick a successor. After extreme dedication (going to Tech Crew every day, even when I had a lot of home work, or tests to study for) I proved myself worthy of the co-directors position, and upon Sophomore year, I led the Tech Crew with my colleague, and good friend, Tyler Romeo

With initial training in sound, and subsequent training with the lighting technology, I learned all I needed to know, and more. Our technology has gotten so advanced that now, in order for anybody to use the auditorium, either Tyler or myself must be present, for we are the only people in the school (including students and staff) who can work the equipment to its full extent. 

As a junior, I have two more years to lead the Tech Crew. If there is one thing i have to pass on to future generations, it is the leadership skill I acquired through Tech Crew. Leading the Tech Crew is not an easy job, but with a lot of dedication and hard work, it can be done. You have to always be prepared for the worst that can happen, because trust me, during shows, the worst always does happen. If I can influence one person to think as a leader, act as a leader, or be a leader, my job as Tech Crew co-director will have been accomplished.