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Sean Gisonda

Tech Crew before us was gone.  They had all graduated, or didn’t care, or just hadn’t shown up.  So a new crew was started in 2005.  The three people to start it were myself, Matthew Cooke, and Eric Almas.  It is a day I probably won’t forget very easily.   It changed my life.  Not that day specifically, but the choice to join Tech Crew.  It changes everybody’s life.  You can ask any current or past member, they all remember their first day.  The only difference is that with Matt and myself, it was the first day of a new Tech Crew. 

The Tech Crew you are looking at now, the one with the website, LED lights, and new speakers, didn’t exist when I started.  All it did was lights and sound with old, failing equipment.  It took four years to get our equipment up the standard it is at now.  And we aren’t even done yet.  By we, I mean every member of Tech Crew, past and present.  Reason being is that graduation means leaving many things behind, but I guarantee you, Tech Crew is not one of them.  I am a sophomore at American University now, and I am still writing a bio, talking to Mr. E, and conferring with the current Co-Directors.  Every day I make choices that rely on my Tech Crew experience.  I learned to improvise, and to think out my actions.  Not always technical choices though.  Tech Crew taught me about leadership, friends, and life in ways nothing else ever could.

All of my best friends are from Tech Crew.  Even though I am four hours away from them, I still get calls from them and help whenever I need it.  We bonded through our experience, though the chaos, repairing, and getting screamed at by the directors.  We learned to rely on each other for our expertise.  I relied on Matt when it came to technical aspects of the Tech Crew, while he relied on me when it came to the more administrative aspects.  Everybody in Tech Crew has a part to play.  Finding it is half the fun!  I found that I enjoy the administrating and “politics” of the Tech Crew, while others found they loved designing and improvising.  Tech Crew helped us all find our way.

So what is your part to play?  Well, I don’t know, but I know this, it is waiting for you.  Take the step though the door to the Tech Booth, and see if you have what it takes to deal with the drama, action, and chaos.  Because if you do, if you keep going, keep working hard, and keep your light shining, I guarantee you that Tech Crew will light your path in life, even if it is just by giving you a group of amazing friends to help you along the way.