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Tyler Romeo

My history with Tech Crew started long before I entered Staten Island Tech in 2007. Back in seventh grade, Samuel Schiff, who was one grade ahead of my at I.S. 27 and also coincidentally ended up going to Tech, began tutoring me in the study of audio engineering. When Sam graduated, I was left to take over along with a number of my friends. Ever since then I developed a joy and love for Tech Crew. Being behind the scenes and dealing with all the technical equipment was exactly what I had fun doing, and to be able to do that in high school was an obvious goal.

When I came to Tech, I immediately sought out the Tech Crew. However, stories about some of its members, specifically previous Co-Director Sean Gisonda, drove me off. So my freshman year SING! was spent on stage crew. In the middle of my freshman year, however, a call went out for new Tech Crew members, and I decided to just give it up and join anyway. At the time I joined, Sean and Matt, the two Co-Directors, were struggling to find people to succeed them when they graduated. Most of the people in Tech Crew, including the Co-Directors, were in their junior year, and would end up graduating together with nobody to run Tech Crew.

After attending almost every meeting and showing dedication and effort, I was chosen to be the next Co-Director when Sean and Matt graduated. (Not to mention I was pretty much there only choice.) Now I lead the crew with Robert Walsh, who is one year below me yet just as dedicated and devoted. Throughout our time as Co-Directors, Rob and myself have worked to improve the way events in the auditorium run, from setting up a new auditorium request system to purchasing new equipment for the sound system to making this very website.