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"Luceat lux vestra. Once in awhile, everybody will give up; everybody will lose faith or make a terrible mistake. That's where your friends come in. At those small times when the light goes out, your friends relight it. Tech Crew is that motto because we relight a light that went out way before us." – Sean Gisonda, Co-Director Emeritus

In their freshman year at Staten Island Technical High School, Matthew Cooke and Sean Gisonda revolutionized Tech Crew. They gained the trust of the faculty, and made it almost completely student run, with the exception of our trusted advisor Mr. Erlenwein. They also raised awareness about the sorry state of the equipment, started the repair process, and even were able to replace some of the old materials, with newer, more advanced equipment. In fact, it was under their command in 2009, with the help of future Co-Directors Robert Walsh and Tyler Romeo, that the Tech Crew replaced their old, ailing lighting board, which ran the lights through a printer cable, with a state-of-the-art DMX lighting board. Along with this, they secured new multicolored LED lighting, making the lighting possibilities on our stage almost limitless while at the same time offering a more ecological alternative that uses less energy and has a longer lifetime than traditional incandescent lighting.

When Matt and Sean graduated, they left a legacy no other Co-Director could hope to surpass, but still, new Co-Directors Tyler and Robert did not stop the train of progress.