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SING! is an annual production held at Staten Island Tech and a number of other public high schools across the city. Certain grade-levels join together and write their own plays in order to compete against the other grades. For example, the Seniors and the Sophomores might team up against the Juniors and the Freshman. The teams change annually, but every year you can expect two amazing shows battling off for the right to hold the SING! trophy. Since the Tech Crew is independent, we remain neutral during this competition, and end up helping both plays rise to fruition. If the shows are good enough, our school might even get picked for Inter-SING, where our school competes with other schools for an even more massive competition.

Directors, stage managers, and other similar positions for SING! are chosen at the end of the year in June. Then, over the summer, a team of writers work with the directors to script and compose the play. Finally, when the new school year arrives, auditions take place and rehearsals start immediately. The actual production traditionally takes place the last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Thanksgiving. Both teams put on three shows before a team of judges composed of teachers from our school. The winner is announced after the votes are tabulated during the Saturday night show.

Below are instructions specifically for the directors. The document has important directions that help the director-Tech Crew relationship run smoother and more efficiently. Make sure to read both documents before writing your scripts.


Script Formatting Standards